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The following questions are to be answered prior to any site visit, construction start, or maintenance service in order to promote the safety of our employees, and clients.

This questionnaire is intended to be answered by both client and all PT Landscaping crew.

We also ask that during the construction/service process you remain indoors while PT Landscaping crew members are on site. Your Project Manager will be available via phone, email or video chat at any time should there be any questions or concerns during the construction process. It is also important that once PT Landscaping leaves the site for the day that you limit any contact with the construction area. We remain dedicated to providing quality customer service and quality construction, while still taking the proper precautions to keep both crew and our valued clients safe.

Should the crew or Project Manager need your attention outside we ask that both parties practice proper social distancing. Staying 2 meters (6ft) is one way to ensure everyone remains healthy on site.


On the first day of the project your Sales Consultant, Project Manager and Crew Lead will share phone numbers with you to promote easy communication. We will also designate an area that we feel is safe for communication while maintaining physical distancing of 2 meters (6ft).


Your Project Manager will be providing you with daily updates during the construction process and will choose to communicate with you in a way that you feel most comfortable.


Should anyone in the household begin to show flu like symptoms we ask that you notify your Project Manager immediately so that we can implement a safe way to continue work. We ensure you will be notified should any PT Landscaping crew member fall ill or begin to show flu like symptoms.


We appreciate your patience and understanding during these changing times. Nothing is more important to us than your safety and satisfaction throughout your experience with PT Landscaping Inc.


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Is there currently or has there been someone under quarantine or self-isolation at this property?

Is there any person at this property that may have had potential exposure to the COVID-19 Virus?

 Is there any person at this property that would have travel history returning from somewhere outside of CANADA in the past 14 days?

Are there any persons at this property demonstrating signs of fever, shortness of breath and/or cold symptoms?

Are you comfortable with PT Landscaping working at your property?

Will you notify us immediately if any of the above responses change?

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